Production and design of a new web site for a social foundation People in Need, which is an internationally active humanitarian organisation. Together with Mark BBDO the foundation prepared a massive ATL campaign for a new project focussing on the poorest countries around the world. The collection „Real people need real help“ should raise money to help in areas such as Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Namibia or Srí Lanka to build schools, supply basic medical aid, build water wells or recultivate fields for growing corn. The web site should serve as an information portal, bringing information about the project as such as well as concrete stories from the different areas of help. In the future, it will be the main communication tool for getting new donors.


UPDATE 01.01.2008 / WWW.YR.CZ

In June 2008, the association of Czech on-line agencies BIZ evaluated this web site as the most creative web site among advertising agencies in the Czech market.


UPDATE 03.07.2008 / WWW.O2NEON.CZ

An image web site created as a support for the launch of new O2 NEON tariffs. The concept of the web site was based on the main creative idea of the whole ATL campaign that the new tariffs help you to open new horizons, you do not have to limit yourself, with O2 NEON tariffs you can get more freedom. The limits of the current reality are symbolised by coulisses. By pulling them down you uncover a new and better reality. The microsite covers 6 different tariffs, therefore the horizon is created out of 6 different scenes. Moreover each scene offers a few funny animations, such as, by clicking at the pigeon, it transforms into a peacock, the airplane modifies into an air balloon, etc. The site is interconnected with e-shop and detail product pages on the O2 corporate web site. The campaign was also supported by a banner campaign created by Flier.


UPDATE 03.07.2008

Creation of corporate design for a new sushi delivery.



This microsite was produced as the image support for the new flavours of Podravka. The link on this web site was presented on prints produced by Mark BBDO. The print served as the key motive for the graphic design of the web site.


UPDATE 01.02.2008

New logo and corporate design including proposal for a teaser billboard campaign for a new developer project „Nový svět“ (New World) by Finep group.


UPDATE 03.07.2008

At the beginning of 2008 Flier produced an interactive web site introducing the new company principles in ČEZ. The microsite was accessible via intranet. The employees of ČEZ could also test their understanding of the individual principles in the interactive quiz or take part in a simple contest and win a nice prize. The web site was part of wider BTL campaign from the workshop of Mark BBDO including a big launch event and presentation on different internal print materials.