UPDATE 03.07.2008

Creation of corporate design for a new sushi delivery.


UPDATE 01.02.2008

New logo and corporate design including proposal for a teaser billboard campaign for a new developer project „Nový svět“ (New World) by Finep group.


UPDATE 15.10.2007

Proposal of a new logo and visual communication for Sportinvest, which is a firm active in the field of sport marketing and management, representing the most successful Czech sportsmen, such as Petr Čech, Martina Sáblíková, Roman Šebrle or Tomáš Verner. This project was eventually not realised.


UPDATE 01.10.2007

New logo and corporate design for the founder and operator of a new multifunctional sport facility, which apart from a big football stadium offers a big shopping centre, office building, as well as restaurants and cafes. E-site is the first multifunctional facility of its kind in the Czech Republic. As E-site is growing on the area of SLAVIA football stadium, on of the requirements of the client’s was to get inspired by the star from the emblem of SLAVIA football club.


UPDATE 01.07.2007

New logo and corporate design for LOGIK press and post press house in Prague. By providing high quality print and processing, provided by LOGIK, perfect and luxurious result was achieved.


UPDATE 01.06.2007

Logo and corporate design of an internet provider EDERA, supplying satellite connection to internet.


UPDATE 01.04.2007

New logo and corporate design for a Czech producer of quality upholstered furniture, Bohm from Jihlava. Our studio has also organised the photo shooting for the image catalogue, photographs for fair exhibitions etc. The firm newly presents itself as a producer of quality and modern furniture and the corporate design was trying to reflect this fact.


UPDATE 01.03.2007

New logo and corporate design for the Academy of Productivity and Innovation, the Centre for expertise and education in the field of industrial engineering.


UPDATE 01.02.2007

Logo for a newly growing sport outlet centre in Prague Šterboholy.


UPDATE 01.06.2006

Proposal for one of Kentoya catalogues. The client has eventually backed off from this project due to “immoderate distinctiveness and excessive design conception.” By using quality material a very unique and from competition very distinct material could have been created.